Pictured above are the nurses Kay Clendenin, RN (left), and Dorcas Churchill, BSN (right).

Kay Clendenin, RN, has twenty-six years of active nursing experience, including eight years of cardiac/medical intensive care and five years of home health.  Dorcas Churchill, BSN, has nine years of experience in cardiac/medical intensive care and two years of experience in home health.

Here's what Kay and Dorcas say about Dr. Haryani:
"Dr. Haryani is an intelligent, caring, supportive physician who's #1 priority is holistically caring for his patients.  Our medical and clerical staff combined have over a century of experience.  We have state of the art diagnostic equipment and a friendly, caring office staff who will work hard to serve you!"

Vijay M. Haryani, M.D., FACC
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